Biographical Information


In my hometown of Macon, Georgia, I attended Stratford Academy High School. I am currently enrolled at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA where I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Foreign Language Minor in German. After graduation, I hope to attend a Geophysics graduate program for further education.

Personal Life

I was born and raised in Macon, GA, nearly an hour south of Atlanta. From an early age, I have always enjoyed the outdoors and consider myself an avid hunter and fisher. During my time in high school, I was the editor of our school newspaper, The Gazebo, and participated in various other clubs and sports programs, including soccer and lacrosse. I was also an active volunteer for Maine Lab Rescue and Rooms from the Heart. As a Boy Scout in Troop 170, I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. At Washington and Lee, I have been involved in several research projects focused on the physical sciences and computing and I am an active member of both the physics and German departments. Aside from academic work, I am also a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity.

Research Interests

Although I am still exploring quite a few areas of research, I have identified several fields that I find particularly interesting. This list includes carbon sequestration, celestial tomography, fiber optics, laser altimetry, machine learning, and reservoir characterization. I hope to be able to focus my research on one of these specific areas of study during my time in graduate school.

Relevant Coursework

Below is a list of coursework from Washington and Lee University that is relevant to future applications in geophysics.

  1. Electricity and Magnetism (Winter '22)
  2. Statistical Physics (Winter '22)
  3. Quantum Mechanics (Fall '21)
  4. Capstone (Fall '21)
  5. Circuits (Fall '21)
  6. Modelling and Simulation of Physical Systems (Winter '21)
  7. Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering (Winter '21)
  8. Stellar Evolution and Cosmology & Lab (Spring '20)
  9. Ordinary Differential Equations (Fall '20)
  10. Optics & Lab (Fall '20)
  11. Multivariable Calculus (Summer '20)
  12. Earth Lab (Spring '19)

Raytheon Technologies homescreen photo


  1. Raytheon Technologies
  2. During the 2019 and 2020 summer internship period, I worked for Raytheon Intelligence and Space on Robins Air Force Base. I worked on a variety of different tasks over the course of my internships and gained experience in system design, programming, soldering, testing and troubleshooting, and performing repairs. To read more about my experience, please contact me through one of the resources listed in my Contact page.

  3. Personal Tutor
  4. While taking classes from home during lockdown, I tutored college students in my hometown of Macon. The majority of my assistance was aimed at improving math or science skills for courses that were unfortunately altered to an asynchronous, virtual format.

  5. Construction Worker
  6. John and Jan Saikas Construction is a construction contractor local to the middle Georgia area. While working here, I was a member of several building crews ranging from small home additions to ground-up home constructions.


In my free time, I enjoy playing basketball, hunting, fishing, and reading. I also enjoy experimenting with personal computer projects and have built computers, created several virtual environments (for a host of operating systems), and developed web-scraper programs to gather and report information.

More recently, I have taken advantage of some publicly-available education sites to develop my programming skills in MatLab, R, C#, and C. Through these same platforms (edX, LinkedIn learning, and Unity Hub), I have taken courses in geology, geomechanics, algorithm development, animation creation, and computer design and construction.