Nicholas Dorogy

A photo of my Geology class in front of Mt. St. Helens
Nicholas Dorogy: A photo of myself with my Weimaraner, Bismarck or Biz
Nicholas Dorogy: A photo of my parents and myself from my high school senior lacrosse season
Nicholas Dorogy: A photo of soem friends and myself
Nicholas Dorogy: A photo of myself at my sister's wedding
Nicholas Dorogy: A photo of my siblings and cousings at our family Thanksgiving meal



Welcome to my personal website. I began creating this page my freshman year of college while enrolled in DCI 110. Over the course of the semester, we were tasked with developing our sites into functional personal homepages. Since that initial project was completed, I have further updated this work-in-progress to remain up to date.

My site is intended to provide some additional information on my interests, skills, background, and hobbies. Check back again as I continue to refine and update my page to reflect current activites.


I am currently an undergraduate student at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA (Class of 2022) where I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Foreign Language Minor in German. I am hoping to pursue a career in geophysics, and plan to attend graduate school in the Fall of 2022.

Current Work

Observing OZ UMa, an RR Lyrae Star

OZ UMa is an RR Lyrae variable star located in Ursa Major. Although it does not exhibit any spectacular properties, the standardized period associated with RR Lyrae stars allows astronomers to estimate their distance from Earth. Our research was centered on observing OZ UMa for an extended period of time so that we could provide an up-to-date distance measurement. If you would like to read more about the research, please click here.