Nicholas Dorogy

A photo of my Geology class in front of Mt. St. Helens
Nicholas Dorogy: A photo of myself with my Weimaraner, Bismarck or Biz
Nicholas Dorogy: A photo of my parents and myself from my high school senior lacrosse season
Nicholas Dorogy: A photo of several friends and myself
Nicholas Dorogy: A photo of myself at my sister's wedding
Nicholas Dorogy: A photo of my siblings and cousins at our family Thanksgiving meal


Welcome to the personal website of Nicholas Dorogy. I began creating this page my freshman year of college while enrolled in a digital culture and information class. Over the course of the semester, we were tasked with developing our sites into functional personal homepages and I decided to keep my page active. Here, you'll find (mostly) up-to-date information about my research, my Master's studies at Colorado School of Mines, my work experiences, and a glimpse into my life and interests. I invite you to explore my website and thank you for visiting!

Brief Biography

I am currently a dual Master's student at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO studying Geophysics and Space Resources. My research focus is on the theory and development of remote sensing technologies with particular emphasis on potential applications in space. Under the advisorship of Dr. Paul Sava in the Center for Wave Phenomena, I am developing a remote sensing seismology platform to provide high fidelity 3D imaging of small planetary bodies.

In addition to school, I am also employed as an intern for Raytheon Intelligence and Space during both the school year and summer. This is currently my 4th year with the company and I have served in several different positions including: TechStudent, General Intern, and systems Engineering Intern.

Prior to beginning graduate school, I attended Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA (Class of 2022). Here, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Foreign Language Minor in German.